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If you are looking for inspiration to tackle real challenges or looking for solutions to tough problems, a Synthesis workshop holds the answer. Combining your resources with outstanding facilitation, proven thinking tools and processes, answers and solutions are guaranteed.

By carefully establishing the right focus and super charging thinking efficiency and productivity, great ideas and solutions will flow with an abundance, irrespective of the focus.

By their very nature, our workshops are highly tailored. The content and format are developed having gained an in-depth understanding of your current situation and your desired outcomes.


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'Typical' workshop contents

Introduction, context and focus

Setting the scene, creating the right environment and laying the foundations for a productive workshop. During this opening session, we engage the hearts and minds of participants and establish the focus and context for the day.

Behavioural aspects

A critical aspect of ensuring high levels of thinking efficiency and productivity is to identify the potential suppressants, remove them and to establish the right behaviours to ensure that the thinking remains totally focussed and highly productive. Capitalising upon our extensive understanding and experience, these elements are carefully managed.

Introduction and the application of initial tools and processes

With hearts and minds engaged and the right behaviours established, it’s time for work. By introducing some initial thinking tools and processes (both practical and productive) and applying these to the agreed focus, an initial high volume of ideas or solutions will rapidly be produced and captured. Irrespective of levels or expertise, everyone participates and contributes.

Further tools and processes as required

With careful orchestration, additional tools and processes are introduced to continue the flow of ideas or solutions and/or to capitalise upon those that have been developed so far.

First cut

By now, a vast quantity of ideas and solutions will have been produced and carefully captured. The time has come for the process to be reversed and the volume to be reduced down to a manageable number. This is achieved through the use of initial selection tools and processes.

Working up

With a manageable number of ideas or solutions now selected, the chances are that these will require further development before final scrutinisation. The focus here, is to identify and maximise the strengths (or benefits) whilst eliminating, reducing or compensating for the weaknesses (in particular, costs and harms, or undesirable consequences).

Action planning

Our workshops typically end with a period of careful planning. Allocating actions, roles, responsibilities and timeframes is essential to ensure that the implementation phase runs smoothly. We also introduce processes to identify and remove any potential barriers that may exist that could hinder the implementation phase.