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Your people, your language, your objectives…

We take the training and development of your people extremely seriously. Our bespoke training programmes are delivered to ensure that this is reflected in all that we do. Based upon a thorough understanding of your objectives, they are constructed from the ground up and include highly practical elements that relate to your people and your organisation.

Highly valued by both the participants and their organisations alike, they develop the skills and confidence that enable the meaningful and ongoing application of the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

With the recent publication of the World Economic Forums 2022 Skills Outlook, it is abundantly clear that cerebral skills are becoming a ‘must have’. We invest heavily in research and development to remain at the forefront of developing future skills.


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Current programmes

Thinking efficiency and productivity (fundamentals)

This programme focusses on developing an understanding of and the key skills to enable significantly enhanced thinking efficiency and productivity. We explore behavioural aspects (including the common suppressants and their removal), developing the right focus, problem definition, rapid idea/solution generation and selection and prioritisation techniques.

Practical innovation

The value of real innovation should not be underestimated. Whether it is in the form of new products, services or processes, the importance of developing new ‘value’ is critical and becoming even more so. Our practical innovation programme explores how innovation can be easily achieved through the application of a robust and proven systematic process.

Idea and concept generation (creativity)

If you agree with the notion that improving ability to generate high volumes of great ideas and concepts on demand would be a valuable asset (as we wholeheartedly do), then this programme is a must. It is packed to the hilt with a powerful and proven ‘toolkit’ that will enable all participants to produce high volumes of ideas and concepts at will. Easy to learn and apply, the systematic thinking tools and processes can make a significant and extremely positive impact on our future success.

Generic problem solving

There is something deeply satisfying about developing a solution to a tough problem, especially when it’s a great solution, low cost, has no undesirable side effects and is easily implemented. Our problem solving programme enables the development of great solutions with ease. By defining the problem correctly and setting the right focus, our solution generator tools and processes will produce a stream of workable solutions. Our approach includes systematic processes to reduce complexity, make effective use of existing resources and tap into the world’s knowledge of existing solutions. More solutions, fewer problems…

Technical problem solving

Our technical problem solving programme builds upon our generic programme, although its attendance is not a pre-requisite, although preferable. The focus is on solving really tough problems, typically where there is a contradiction and the only solution appears to be one of compromise. We do not believe in compromise; we believe in breakthrough solutions. Our systematic approaches break the problem down, tap into the worlds knowledge of solution principles and deliver ground breaking results, often creating valuable IP.

Team / group thinking

Team or group thinking can be problematical. Too much debate, argument, justification, domination, lack of opportunity to contribute, interrupting and poor focus to name but a few of the potential issues. This programme delivers the ability to overcome these common inhibitors. By establishing the right behaviours, high performing teams are rapidly formed, enabling thinking efficiency and productivity to flourish. The programme is an all-inclusive package of systematic approaches and group thinking tools and processes that will enable highly efficient and productive thinking and unanimous decision making.

Running productive meetings

Building upon our team / group thinking programme, running productive meetings focusses on the essential role of leading and facilitating meetings. The principal aims are to ensure that meetings are ‘inclusive’, highly participative, efficient and productive with participants leaving with a heightened sense of satisfaction. Topics included are facilitation and thinking management, agenda and focus, thinking tools and processes, capture techniques, decision making processes, selection and prioritisation tools and effective action planning. This is an essential programme for anyone who manages meetings.

Management and leadership implications

Simply asking for ideas and solutions is unlikely to open the floodgates. Management and leadership have a pivotal role in turning the desire for a more creative and/or problem solving culture into a reality. Understanding what true thinking efficiency and productivity is, providing inspiration, motivation, encouragement, coaching and development all have a significant part to play. Our management and leadership programme is designed to ensure that thinking efficiency and productivity has every opportunity to flourish and paves the way for a truly innovative culture to become established. There is ample opportunity for individual reflection and the identification of changes in management and leadership behaviours that will have a positive impact.