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We take thinking efficiency and productivity seriously. We know the immense and immediate benefits it has to offer both individuals and organisations alike. It impacts on everything we do.

If you are serious about making significant improvements and dramatically increasing employee contribution to your organisation’s future success, then understanding your current situation and what practical changes to make, is an essential first step.

This is where we can help by providing insight, analysis and recommendations.


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Insight, analysis and recommendations


It’s no surprise that our logo represents the successful blending of behaviours, tools and processes and management for it is the combination of threes three elements that holds the key to unleashing thinking efficiency and productivity.

With careful consultation, we agree and develop the best methodologies to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the above. This may include any or a combination of the following: face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, 360° analysis, upward feedback, electronic or paper based surveys. Rest assured, we build an accurate picture of your unique situation.


From the understanding gained during the insight phase, we conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis, enabling us to make detailed conclusions. By subsequently focussing on causal analysis, we separate root causes from symptoms. This is vital in order to determine the best course of action that will have a powerful and lasting impact on creativity, innovation and problem solving and ongoing improvements to individual and organisation thinking efficiency and productivity.


With a thorough understanding gained and the analysis complete, our recommendations will be invaluable and hit the mark every time. Focussed on providing feedback (positive and negative) on behavioural aspects, tools and processes and ‘management’ (see below), we will provide you with an exceptionally clear and complete picture of today and what needs to be developed and how, to ensure your future thinking efficiency and productivity aspirations are met. All of this will be evidence based.


These fall into two camps. Firstly, the behaviours we display to one another (group behaviours) and secondly, the behaviours that go on internally, in our own minds. Both of which have a significant impact on thinking efficiency and productivity. Through our research and analysis, we identify the weaknesses and barriers that are preventing optimised thinking efficiency and productivity. Our recommendations include how to overcome these.

Tools and processes

We will identify the tools and processes that you currently utilise that contribute towards (or detract from) creativity, innovation and problem solving (technical and non-technical) and make recommendations as to how these can be strengthened and/or supplemented to ensure maximum thinking efficiency and creativity.


In relation to thinking efficiency and productivity this is all encompassing. Our recommendations include making enhancements to both the effective management of thinking (facilitation) and the ‘people management’ and leadership aspects. Without these two elements being addressed, any changes in behaviours and tools and processes are likely to be short lived.