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Coronovirus / Covid -19 Update

Given the current serious situation that is affecting us all, attended workshops have no longer been an option and are unlikely to feature for the the foreseeable future. In fact, as we get used to social distancing and operate our businesses in new ways, the nature of future workshops are likely to be increasingly ‘virtual’. However, because of the unprecedented situation, it will become increasingly critical that organisations can rapidly develop the best ideas and solutions to tackle the inevitable changing business environment and the considerable challenges that this will present. For many this will be a matter of survival. To do this effectively, will require the participation and efforts of many (if not all) employees, combined with truly efficient and productive thinking.

We are currently investing heavily in new technologies that will enable us to facilitate ‘virtual’ workshops that will deliver the same outstanding results that our attended workshops have traditionally delivered in the past.

We are keen to make a significant contribution in these difficult times and to help the country get back on its feet. Whilst we can only offer limited pro bono assistance, we have temporarily reduced our fees to enable organisations, both large and small, to access our services.

The advantages of professional facilitation geared towards maximising thinking efficiency and productivity are hugely significant (particularly in relation to real innovation, rapid problem solving and the generation of winning ideas and concepts). Please do get in touch to find out more.

We help businesses innovate and grow

With over 10 years experience in helping organisations develop innovation, creativity and problem solving skills

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By dramatically accelerating thinking efficiency and productivity, we make the seemingly impossible possible. We enable others to deliver extraordinary results. The skills required for the future are changing and creativity, innovation and problem solving are coming to the forefront. The need for great ideas, concepts and solutions has never been greater and this is only set to grow.

The art of the possible.

We understand thinking and the plethora of suppressants that restrict our ability to be efficient and productive in this endeavour. By removing these suppressants, introducing robust and proven systematic thinking tools and processes and managing the thinking we enable individuals and teams achieve far more than they ever dreamed of.

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Utilising unparalleled facilitation techniques, we focus on ‘real life’ challenges and problems with guaranteed results. Your focus, your solutions…


Developing valuable skills that enable individuals and teams to excel at creativity, innovation and problem solving. Behavioural change, robust tools and processes and the management of thinking combine to unleash thinking efficiency and productivity...


Gaining insight into your past, current and future situation and making detailed recommendations that will enable you to prepare the ground to allow creativity, innovation and problem solving to flourish…

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Key areas of expertise

Thinking Efficiency and Productivity

Improving thinking efficiency and productivity can make a vastly significant difference to individual, team and organisational performance. Yet, this is a seemingly neglected area.

The underpinning reasons as to why our thinking is often suppressed are complex. Fortunately, overcoming them is, by comparison, relatively simple. We remove the barriers and introduce approaches that will make thinking super-efficient and productive.

Problem Solving

Problems are part of daily life but how we deal with them can make the difference between success or failure, harmony or frustration. Solving problems is not just about finding solutions.

How we define the problem, how well we use existing resources, how we reduce rather than increase complexity will all make a significant difference to the quality and efficiency of our solutions. We provide structured approaches to solution generation and access to vast pools of knowledge to ensure that problems are constructively approached and rapidly solved.

Team / Group Thinking

There are an abundance of factors that have the potential to suppress team or group thinking and restrict the immense benefits that it has to offer. Overcoming these suppressants can lead to a significant increase in the quantity and quality of output.

Establishing the right behaviours, introducing proven systematic thinking tools and processes and effective thinking ‘management’ leads to dramatically increased thinking efficiency and productivity, higher performing teams, faster and better solutions, improved ideas and concepts and markedly higher levels of contribution and satisfaction.

Idea / Concept Generation (Creativity)

Whether as an individual or as a team, the ability to generate high volumes of great ideas and concepts ‘on demand’ is an enviable skill. The future is entirely dependent upon the development of the new, which for its quality is reliant on the volume and quality of the ideas that create it.

We introduce powerful, proven and robust systematic thinking tools and processes that are guaranteed to deliver a bumper harvest of great ideas and concepts.


It is hard to imagine an organisation that does not profess to being innovative. Innovation is a highly prized asset and makes an attractive proposition to both organisations and their clients alike.

By focussing on and developing ‘real’ innovation, we help clients deliver new and added value where it cannot currently be realised, be that through new or improved products/services, enhanced processes, increased value or reduced costs.

Management and Leadership

Investing in creativity, innovation and problem solving skills alone, is unlikely to deliver a significant improvement in these critical areas.

Management and leadership have an essential role to play in ensuring that innovation, creativity and problem solving is nurtured and allowed to perform an integral part of the future success of their organisations.

We provide insights, support and development to help ensure that management and leadership are ready to embrace this pivotal role.

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Key benefits of our approach

Thinking efficiency and productivity, creativity, innovation and problem solving impacts on just about everything we do. Be that as an individual, team or organisation. Enhancing these areas has the potential to make a real and significant difference. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to experience:

  • An abundance of great ideas and concepts ‘on demand’, leading to radically improved performance and results

  • Faster and radically improved solutions

  • Valuable and unparalleled knowledge sharing

  • Products, services and processes that deliver new value that cannot be achieved elsewhere (real innovation)

  • Reduced timescales, costs and harms

  • Higher levels of individual and team contribution and co-operation

  • Accelerated team performance

  • More productive and satisfying meetings

Supporting clients and helping them unleash thinking efficiency and productivity, enabling them to deliver outstanding results...

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Latest news

Our latest book

For most of us, our thinking is inherently flawed. Numerous suppressants exist that create boundaries that are increasingly difficult to cross. ‘Breaking Boundaries’ introduces approaches to break free of these suppressants, creating the potential for extraordinary results. Read the introduction here…

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